Top 9 Best Steel, Ceramic and Glass Teapots with Infuser

Infuser teapots are a new type of teapot that has a normal body and an infuser element inside that acts like a tea strainer. Infusion teapots come in many different brands and materials including stainless steel, glass and ceramic. The infuser teapot allows you to add loose tea leaves to your teapot without it floating around as it’s contained within a cylinder. The teapot infuser can help save time when making tea as straining can be quite a lengthy and messy process.

You can buy different types of tea infusers depending on the taste your require. Steel infuser teapots have been known to give a superior steeped tasted while glass infuser teapots can have a nice clean and crisp taste. Ceramic infuser teapots sit nicely in between with good insulation so your brew will say hot longer and no chemical treatments like with steel pots which could affect the flavour.

Many of the infuser teapots now come made with different materials so you can make the best of both worlds. Some pots are made with a glass body and stainless steel bottom so you can have the visibility and the insulation of the steel base. Many of the porcelain teapots also have steel and glass parts including the tea infuser.

You can also buy the infuser separately as a tea ball infuser and use it with your existing teapot if you decide you don’t want to change but would like to try an infuser with your current teapot set. If you’re looking for the best teapot infuser then we have put together our top ten list to help you get the most out of your purchase. All of the teapots are available to purchase online and many come with a full satisfaction guarantee and a returns policy and warranty.

porcelain and stainless steel infuser teapotForlife Porcelain and Stainless Steel Infuser Teapot

The stylist porcelain and steel infuser teapot brought to your by the manufacturers Forlife is a designer teapot made from the finest materials and crafted to the highest standards. The teapot comes with an extra fine 3.5mm infuser that is ideal for brewing your own loose tea leaves. This means that you can use higher quality tea bought from your local tea shop instead of tea bags or the usual branded loose tea from the local supermarket.

The infuser also means that you can brew fine teas that have been ground down more that usual tea leaves. It’s just as fast to make a cup of tea with this infusion teapot as it is making with a tea bag and you can use many different teas including herbal tea, Keemun and Lapsang teas. This item is also ideal if you’re look to buy designer teapots for your cafe or restaurant and it can also make a perfect gift. The infuser teapot comes in many different colours including black, grey, green, blue, red, yellow and turquoise.

teapot with steel infuserStellar Oslo Stainless Steel Infuser Teapot

The Stellar Oslo metal teapot with infuser has got a great contemporary design which is ideal for new modern fitted kitchens and restaurants. The teapot infuser is made from steel and comes with a steel lid and steel infuser. It holds a 1 litre capacity so it can fill up to 4 cups of tea or more and has dribble free pouring spout with a push fit lid so you can take the lid off completely and wash it separately.

You can also remove the infuser for easy cleaning by tipping the used contents into the bin and placing into the dishwasher. You can also put the whole unit into the dishwasher as its been rated dishwasher safe. If you shop around you can find this teapot in different sizes and it comes with a lifetime guarantee. This item has got some of the best reviews online and is great for brewing and steeping your loose teas.

glass infuser teapotKilo Glass Teapot with Infuser

The glass infuser teapot from Kilo has a great contemporary design and has a glass body with a plastic handle and a stainless steel infuser. The pot provides 4 full cups of tea and is great for keeping tea hot for prolonged periods of time. The internal steel mesh allows for one of the best brews you can find and will help you get the most out of your fine teas. This pot is ideal if you’re just a couple as well as serving guests as the tea will keep well until you want another cup.

The glass infusion teapot has a non drip spout and a long handle and a durable body that can be put into the dishwasher. You can save time making tea rather than standing there with a strainer that can cause more mess and can be hazardous. Overall the teapot is excellent quality however you will need to be careful as the base can slip if you spill water on your work surface so be sure to wipe your surfaces down or place the teapot on a non slip mat.

stainless steel infuser teapotBelmont Stainless Steel Infuser Teapot

The Belmont stainless steel teapot with infuser is an ideal purchase if you are looking for the style and insulating capabilities that steel teapots can bring. Many people swear by steel teapots saying they can steep tea better and have a superior taste to porcelain and glass however that are also plenty of counter arguments and it really depends on your requirements.

The steel infusion teapot comes in many different sizes from 0.5 lt, 1 lt and a huge 1.5 lt which can make several cups of tea at the same time. The steel teapot will also be able to retain heat for longer so you won’t need to boil the kettle as much as other teapots as you could still find the tea is hot well after you have poured you first cup. The pot has got a great stylish steel design and the only downside is that the top of the lid can get quite hot so be careful and use a tea towel to take the lid off when is use.

Forlife Stainless Steel & Ceramic Teapot with Infuser

ceramic teapot with infuserThe Forlife steel and ceramic infusion teapot has a great designer look and has unchippable material. The ceramic infuser teapot has been made for the catering and hospitality trades and can be stack neatly on top of each other to save space so this is a great purchase if you work within the catering environment or own your own cafe.

The teapot comes with an infuser but also has a smart function to rest the string on bagged teas so it doesn’t fall back into the teapot. The pot comes in many different colours including black, white, orange, yellow, blue green and purple. The teapot also comes in different materials including ceramic, steel and a rubber handle to protect your hands against the hot tea. Overall the pot is great quality and ideal if you need more than one for a cafe or restaurant.

glass teapot with infuserForlife Bola Glass Infuser Teapot

The Bola infuser teapot has a great modern design and is made entirely of glass and comes with a inbuilt teapot strainer basket. The pot has a sphere design with a stainless steel handle and lid with an inbuilt infuser attached so when you take the push on lid off the infuser is easily removed.

The steel mesh infuser allows you to brew your fine teas to your liking in less time than your usual tea strainers. The lid for the teapot is dishwasher safe however it’s recommended to hand wash the glass bowl as the delicate borosilicate bola glass could get scratched and damaged. The glass with the infuser fitted has a total of 38 ounces and can make a 2/3 cups of tea per usage.

glass tea infuser potCafe Ole Glass Teapot with Infuser

The Cafe Ole glass teapot with infuser has a full glass body with a plastic base, lower frame and handle. This can help to reduce the thermal heat passing through the pot and burning your hands when pouring out the tea. The removable steel tea infuser is great for brewing loose leaf in many different brands and flavours including green tea, herbal teas, organic tea, Oolong tea, plus many more different types of exotic and healthy teas.

The glass tea infuser teapot is 1.2lt capacity so you can get 4+ cups of tea from one preparation and if you don’t drinking all of the tea in one sitting it should keep quite well as the glass is design to retain heat as best as possible. You can buy this teapot in many different colours including red, black, grey and green to match the decor of your kitchen. Overall this is a large glass teapot with excellent capacity to serve guests and has a high quality infuser and design.

steel teapot with infuserCafe Ole Rondeo Stainless Steel Infuser Teapot

The Cage Ole stainless steel teapot with infuser is an excellent choice if you’re looking for a large steel teapot that you can use to brew quality tea from loose tea cuttings. You can remove a lot of the mess from traditional strainers by buying this teapot which is easy to use and clean because it’s dishwasher safe. The shape and design of this teapot is great and it has a modern and contemporary look.

The teapot comes in different sizes up to a whopping 50 ounce which should fill more than 5 cups of tea so this is a perfect choice if you like to entertain guests or maybe you own a restaurant or cafe and would like the biggest pots for family or guests. The material makes this teapot very good at retaining heat and you can also buy a cover if you wanted it to stay hotter for longer. The teapot has a polished finished and the infuser can be removed easily for cleaning.

glass teapot with infuserJudge Stove Top Glass Teapot Infuser

This is a great decorative teapot that has a fantastic design and is made from glass and steel. It has an antique teapot design but is modern and is incredible practical. Under the teapot is room for a tea candle so after you’ve finished brewing your favourite cuppa you can light the candle and place it underneath to keep the tea warm. I think this is a brilliant idea opposed to putting the kettle on the stove to heat up as it can be hazardous and can break some teapots.

The pot is slightly smaller than most but comes in different sizes so you may need to shop around depending on your needs. You can find pots that will fill 2,3 and 4+ cups of tea and have a range of prices which are reasonable. The teapot is easy to clean and is dishwasher safe. To clean simply remove the infuser and it contents and put in the dishwasher. You can then easily clean out the infuser and rinse through with cold water.


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