8 Best Places to Find Online Writing Jobs

Online writing jobs can be a fulfilling and great way to make some extra money or a full time income. It gives you the flexibility to work from anywhere in the world and you can work hours to suit your needs. You can find many different types of writing jobs online including tech writing jobs, medical writing jobs, blog writing jobs and many more different areas and also writing jobs for students.

Different websites will have many different opportunities and some may be catered to a certain industry. Some of the best places to find home based writing jobs is on freelancer websites where you can put your own add in the writing section and wait for jobs to be posted. You can then apply to the advertisements and pick up adhoc work as you go. On some freelancer websites, writers can have several jobs in progress at the same time.

You can also find different styles of writing jobs including creative writing jobs and more technical writing jobs. Writing can be very fulfilling but it can also get very monotonous if you are writing about something that you have little experience or no interest in. You can also find jobs that require research such as curating jobs or you can write essays for students if you have experience in a particular subject.

Journalism is a well paid industry and the wages are competitive if you’re looking for journalism jobs. Many in this industry will work freelancer for different publications and their area of work will include offline publications and online publications. You can write for the auto industry about cars or can write human interest stories for online magazines.

To write you will need a good understanding of the English language and sitting tests before you advertise yourself on freelancer websites will aid your job applications. You can also write some example articles for your clients and employers to read before they decide to use you for their project. Overall online content writing jobs can be demanding and you need a a lot of discipline and patient to make it work for you.

You will also need to have a good understand of what words to use and grammar and punctuation so it may be a good idea to search online for writing tips before you begin working as a writer. Many of the websites that you can find jobs will have their own guides for professional writers for you to use as you are editing your articles. Some companies may have a full time editor and edit the articles themselves.

You will also be able to find information on creating research articles and assignment papers. Style guides will be provided by some websites as guidelines for creating for individual academic associations. It might be a good idea to join a few copywriting forums so you can ask questions if you get stuck. You can pick up some great tips on marketing forums for creating sales copy for seo websites and digital product sales pages.

If you have small children and want to start earning again then content writing work from home can be ideal as you can keep an eye on your children as you work. To work in this type of industry it’s best to have a quiet, warm place and to remove distractions to enable you to work faster. Some people like to write to music as it can help you to improve the speed of your writing and make it less tedious.

Online-writing-jobs.comonline writing jobs

Online-Writing-Jobs.com is a popular online writing service that provides articles to clients that own blogs and popular media websites. You can find freelance work writing about many subjects including career advice and academic writing jobs for maths and sciences. There are also many market research companies, and work from home writing companies that you can work for on an adhoc basis.

You can also get work from paid writing gigs and work as a virtual assistant writer in a more permanent role. The rates on pay for these content writing jobs is competitive and you can also negotiate your pay with your clients. you can also submit your rates of pay or you can get paid per article that you write. There are also creative writing jobs and freelance jobs in the journalism industry if you prefer to research and write news stories. There is also a remote writing jobs category where you can work for professional organisations from home.

If you are a writing company and you are looking to employee writers for your blog or media and news company then you can post jobs to the website and have professional writers contact you with their CVs and work history. You can post your job for free on the website and have it distributed to other online writing job websites that can help you get exposure for your business.

Contena.cosearch for writing jobs

Contena is an online writing job website that has many writing gigs for you to browse through. There are many types of articles you can write for money including sports writing, script writing, translator writing jobs and also social media work. There are also other jobs that you wouldn’t usually see on writing websites including video script editing. You can pretty much find all different types of writing jobs on this website and there is plenty of work to choose from.

There are many different publications you can choose from and many of then are in the marketing and copywriting industries but cover different subjects from education, business, lifestyle, health, finance and entertainment. If you are an academic writer than there are plenty of jobs available and also medical writing jobs if you are adequately qualified.

Each job has a quality score that will rate the job on rate per word (RPW). After you sign up for the website you might get a notice that the jobs are limited as the website is throttling new users due to high supply. So when you sign up you will need to join a waiting list in order to recieve new writing jobs.

Onlinewritingjobs.comfreelance writing jobs

Online Writing Jobs is another websites catered specifically to those wanting to work from home in full time and part time writing jobs. To apply you just need to sign up for an account and write an article to their requirements. Once it’s completed then you can submit it to the business owners for evaluation. If they accept your article then they will pay you $10 and you will relinquish the rights to that article.

As an online writer you can expect to earn between 10 and $27 dollars per article using this website and you will get paid weekly on a pay per project scale. If you want to showcase your skills then you can also become a niche writer and take on medical writing jobs, travel writing jobs and science writing jobs. There are also many other topics of interest that cover education.

Overall the website looks like a great place to apply for writing jobs online. I’m unsure how many writing jobs they have but they have plenty of traffic and could possible own a few article writing sites that advertise to clients. In any case it’s worth applying to write articles and see what the outcome is.

Copyify.comwebsite copywriting service

Copyify is a copywriting website where you can get a job and work from home in your own time. The website has many different types of articles that you can write including ecommerce content for business’, website and blog content, press release writing and an article writing service. There are many big brands that use the service so you could expect a fair amount of work if you’re offered a job with the company.

Applying for a writing job is easy. All you need to do is sign up to the website, login and upload your CV. Once this is done you can add a profile picture and upload your sample. They only request a sample of 200 words and shouldn’t take more than 1 hour to complete. Once you have completed the process you can then start receiving writing jobs from employers.

Overall the website looks like a good place to find writing jobs although they will probably vet all applicants well and you will need to write at a good standard. There is no real indication of how much they pay and what the terms are but they charge their clients£ 0.04 per word so you could earn anything up to £20 per article depending on the websites rates and advertising fees.

expert writersWrite.com

If you’re looking for how to become a freelance writer then Write.com is the perfect place to start. On the website you can find plenty of online guides to help you become a professional writer. It includes writing styles, general writing, and research, assignment and essay writing. There is also a writing worksheet with grammar, punctuation, writing mechanics, common writing mistakes and choosing the right words when writing.

When you are up to date on your writing skills then you can sign up to find writing jobs online. You can build a profile and list your key writing strengths and apply for jobs posted on the website. The are different type of articles you can write for money including how to guide, buying guides, ecommerce and product descriptions and blog posts.

You can also join the community and interact with other writers using their forum. You can ask questions about how to get help becoming an online writer and other common writing questions. You can also become an expert writer whether you are looking for blogging writing jobs in one particular industry or you have university experience and would like to write about your field of study. You can then apply for medical writing jobs, engineering writer jobs or whatever industry you work in.

freelancer writersUpwork.com

Upwork is a perfect place where to find paid online writing jobs and is one of the largest freelancer websites and was previous known as Odesk. You can sign up for an account and post your profile as a writer whether you are looking for creative writing jobs, translation writing jobs or just normal work from home article writing jobs. If you have other skills you can also post adds in different categories from web development, to graphic design to virtual assistants and general online workers.

Upwork is an ideal place to find jobs in any industry not just writing. If you build an online writing profile then you can get temporary and permanent writing jobs online. You can paid per article or you can work longer term for a fixed price. You can advertise yourself as a professional journalist or a general writer and work for popular online blogs or even article writing companies that might outsource their work to you.

Creating a good profile with a picture is the key to getting the best jobs as well as sitting the language tests and providing samples. Most of the clients who publish writing jobs on the website will test writers in the ad copy so be sure to read through the job description carefully.

hire writersFreelancer.co.uk

Freelancer is another online marketplace for virtual assistants where you can find online writing opportunities. Like Upwork you only need to sign up for an account and build your profile. Once this is complete you can browse through a list of jobs. You can get paid per article you write or you can work for a longer term at a fixed price.

Freelancer also allows you to do other types of online paid work so if you have other skills like graphic design and translation skills then you could stand a better chance of finding work online in a range of different industries including; social media experts, virtual assistants, web developers, graphic designers, musicians and many more industries. If you live in the USA then you can also use their other website Freelancer.com

find freelance writer workPeopleperhour.com

People Per Hour is another freelancer website and a great place to find high paying writing jobs. The website is great if you’re a single mum and want to work from home and keep an eye on your children or you might have other commitments which means you can’t find work especially if you are located in places where there is little or no offline work.

You can find any type of writer work on his website including seo writing jobs, website content jobs and also many other online jobs include seo, WordPress development and Google Adwords account managers. If you have other skills you can also take advantage of the other marketplace categories to improve the changes of gaining employment.

The great thing about these websites is you can set your own rates of pay and earn what you like but also work the hours you want. If you’re getting too much work for lower rates then you can increase your hourly rate and reduce your workload to increase your profitability.


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