11 Best Websites to Sell Stuff Online

If you want to sell stuff online then you can read our post and recommendations below to find the best website for you. Selling stuff online really depends on what it is you want to sell and how much you’re selling. If you’re a business owner or you just want to sell unwanted items and old stuff you have lying around. Selling can both be fun and a good way to make extra money and if you’re a private seller then you can let somebody else make use of all the items you no longer need.

You’ll be surprised at just what you can sell online in auctions and on classified ads websites. Literally, one man’s junk is another man’s gold and you can get money for old rope selling goods online. No matter what it is, everything has a price and if you’re considering taking those old toys or baby clothes to the tip because you think they’re not worth any money then think again.

Online selling is now big business and there are many sites to sell stuff online. There are new selling sites popping up everyday and you can now even sell your goods directly to consumers on social networks like Facebook. If you want to sell items online you need to know your product and describe it well. List any faults and damage to the buyer before the sale to reduce the chances of returns or complaints against you.

You can buy and sell directly from your Facebook page if you want to. Simply take a photo, post it and ask your friends if they want to purchase your items however if you’re a business seller then a paid option rather than free selling sites is the way to go, for example building your own ecommerce website and using Google Adwords or ranking it in the search engines.

Small business’ usually start to sell things online by using websites like eBay and other online auctions and marketplaces. Online auctions are a great place to buy and sell online and have a large number of potential customers that will bid on your products in an online auction or buy them at a buy it now price. To do this you first need to learn how to sell things online such as some basic design, customer service, logistic and packing and marketing skills such as email marketing, upselling and loss leaders.

After you do your research on how to sell stuff online, read our post below for the best sites to sell stuff. Once you have done this, take your pictures and write your descriptions and upload it to all of the websites. Otherwise if you’re a business seller you can research the items to sell online using Terapeak and then put the product title into Alibaba and try and track the wholesalers. You might need to type the product title a few times into the search bar with some variation to get the right supplier, otherwise you can buy the product first from your competitor and check to see if it has supplier codes on the packaging and then type it into Google.

Once you have done this you can then email the suppliers and ask a few questions like shipping costs quotes for the goods. If they come back with a price you can compete with, make a small sample order to make sure they’re not scammers. You must remember to do your homework when calculating your prices, include any shipping, taxes, postage and all other costs incurred as you might leave yourself out of pocket. Once you’ve got your goods or cleaned out your garage you can get selling goods online with our top list of where to sell online.

eBay.co.uksell stuff online

eBay is probably one of the biggest and best places to sell items online. It started as an online auction but is now a huge eCommerce website where you can buy millions of items from thousands of different sellers including top brands and international companies. eBay is not a free site to sell online because you will have to pay fees. Over the years these fees have become quite expensive and eBay has earned the reputation and nickname “Feebay” as a result, and now there are many people searching for alternatives to eBay.

To sell my stuff I simply enter the title and eBay with automatically select a category. Then I will check it and move onto the description and adding the photos. Once this is complete you can enter the price you would like to sell. If you’re selling at auction then don’t be afraid to start at a low price as you can attract a lot more bidders. Once you’ve completed these steps then add your terms and shipping details and list the item. eBay will charge you a listing fee and when the item sells they will charge you a final evaluation fee.

Amazon.co.uksell stuff online

Amazon is one of the best online sale sites with millions of products and thousands of sellers with some great prices. Most sellers on Amazon are business sellers and you will need to sign up for a seller account which might need to be approved. You can sell products in just about any category including baby clothing, second hand furniture, DVDs, CDs, clothing, books and other unwanted items. First you need to open an account, write your descriptions, set your prices and begin selling.

Once you start making sales wrap your items up and take them down to the post office. Usually I like to try and calculate the postage first. So you can wrap the item up and take it down to the post office before hand to get a quote because it’s easy to sell items online and try to guess the price of the postage and get it wrong. If you have scales you can weight the item or use and use an online postage calculator to work out the prices. Amazon overall is one of the best places to sell online, although it’s a little more expensive than eBay as the fees are higher.

Gumtree.comsell stuff locally

Gumtree is a classified ads website where you can sell stuff online, hire people to do work, find a job, buy a second hand car or even buy or sell a business for sale. The website is owned by eBay and used to be free to sell online however, it has since added charges in some categories. You will get a few free listings per year but if you’re a business seller then you might need to pay fees.

Overall I would say selling stuff on classified ads sites is actually a good option and there is money to be made. The websites are high traffic and there are many people ready to buy. On Gumtree you can set the ads to “featured” that will appear at the top of the category which is great for getting more sales and is definitely worth the extra cost if you have more than one item for sale or you’re selling a service.

If you have a little extra money to spend and you’re looking to get the best deal for your product then buying a homepage listing will get a lot more views to the stuff you’re selling. This service is worth it if you’re selling a high priced car or a business and your advertising costs don’t exceed 15% of the expected selling price. Gumtree is great for selling second hand stuff online and you can sell local to where you live. That way it’s easier to get rid of larger items like white goods, fridges, freezers and washing machines without having to deliver them yourself.


sell on classified ads websitesVivastreet is another classified ads website and it’s free to sell stuff online using their advertisements. You can sell any number of items including home appliances, furniture, books, antiques, gardening equipment, office furniture and many more categories. Vivastreet is one of the best websites to sell stuff online and has many millions of monthly active users.

To list an item for sale simply click on post an ad, select a category that you would like to sell, post a title, description and price and enter your contact details. Once this is done you can list your items for free and you will start getting enquiries about your products for sale. Make sure to put as much information on the listing as possible as this will reduce the amount of time you will need to answer emails and it might prevent some of the time wasters contacting you. Remember to stay safe when selling through these websites because there are a lot of pervs loitering and if the seller asks you to meet him/her and you feel there isn’t something right about it then take a friend with you for security.

Facebook.comsell on facebook

Facebook is a great place to sell stuff online and there are many thousands of groups you can join. If you type your city name and then “selling page” into the search bar, you will will find a few pages in your local area that you can sell unwanted goods. If you join these groups you can then list your product for sale and people will make enquiries through Facebook’s messaging system.

As most people who are interested in buying your stuff are living nearby they will usually ask to pick the items up in person and meet face to face. You can also offer an option to post the products out to your customers too. If you’re a business seller using Facebook then you might want to consider using Massplanner. This is a tool that can join thousands of selling pages and will join them and post your products for sale automatically. You can reach a huge amount of people using this tool but it has a learning curve and will take a few weeks to get used to it if you haven’t used these tools before.

Preloved.co.ukfree classified ads

Preloved is an excellent website to sell second hand items and unwanted gifts and DVDs, furniture, clothing, jewelry and just about anything you have no current use for. It’s free to sell stuff on Preloved and there are no listing fees and no selling fees when you create your advertisements. There are thousands of categories to choose from including bathrooms, sports equipment, photography, property as well as cars and motorbikes.

You can also find a category for free stuff if you find that you can’t sell your item and would prefer to give it away. There are loads of items like sofas, chest of drawers, baby toys, and a range of white goods. This site is great if you’re just selling unwanted items however if you’re a business seller then this website may lack the high traffic needed to complete the sales therefore making it not work your time. Overall it’s a free service and is perfect for those you you clearing out the attic or garage and would like to make some extra money selling a few items online.

Esty.comsell crafts online

Esty is another good website to sell stuff online and particularly popular with people who like to design and make crafts. You can sell many things from jewelry to arts and crafts, clothing, weddings, entertainment and baby and toddler toys and clothing. The website and it’s goods has a very shabby chic feel and you can find some unique gift items and crafts for sale.

To start selling here you need to have some goods. Like mentioned it’s probably best to make your own when selling on this website because this is who it’s directed towards. You can paint your own paintings or print pictures and sell them, or you buy bits and pieces to make your own jewelry. If you can knit your own jumpers then things like baby hats and jumpers sell very well here.

You can also make your own range of toys from fabrics and and sell them online. There are many sellers on Etsy doing very well selling clothing that they make themselves using old dresses or by importing their own fabrics on a smaller scale and making custom dresses. The website is very different and has done well to stay unique and on top of fashion trends and other product trends.

Craigslist.co.ukpost an ad for free

Craigslist is one of the oldest websites online and is a great place to find used stuff for sale. It’s also a great place to sell unwanted items if you’re clearing out your garage and would rather make money than throw it away. The website has many selling pages including appliances,  car parts, bikes, boats, collectibles, video gaming and many more categories to find new and used items for sale.

It’s free to sell you item here and you don’t even have to create an account. Simply click “post to classifieds”and then fill out your details including what you’re selling, write and good description of the item including and damage and then enter your prices and contact details. You will start getting replies to your item very quickly as Craigslist is a high traffic website. Once your item is sold you can either take payment via Papal or you can meet them in person and take cash for the goods. Remember to stay safe when dealing on these websites and some people can be dodgy. Craigslist is perfect it you have a few simple items for sale and just want to post an ad for free.

Bonanza.comsell online

Bonanza is a new and popular marketplace for selling stuff online. You can sell in may categories and sell just about any item you can imagine including, shoes, branded clothing, DIY, perfume, nail care, skin care and many more products. Bonanza has over 12000 sellers and is one of the biggest online marketplaces in the world.

The website is not free to use and you will need to pay fees to list your stuff online. The website is probably suited to business sellers rather than people having a garage sale so if you want to sell on this website then be might be worth finding out how to sell things on the internet. Once you have done this and built a business plan you can get to work signing up for an account and listing your items in there inventories. I would say this site is a great resource to connect to a wider market if you’re a smaller business seller and will probably grow in popularity in certain categories.

eBid.netonline auction

eBid is a site much like eBay and is a great place to sell your old stuff online. You can sell anything on this website including T-Shirts, Football memorabilia, comic books, classic cars, pets and pet products, collectible coins, old computers and mobile phones and just about anything else you have lying around your home can be sold here.

It’s not free to sell on eBid and you will have to pay listing fees and possibly final valuation fees but it won’t be as expensive as eBay or Amazon and is a viable alternative to both however there won’t be as much traffic and you will have lower sales. If you’re a business seller then it may be worth you time testing the website out to see if it performs.

eBid seem to be very popular with the old eBay crowd that the company pushed of it’s website in favour of more high profile business sellers. So there are lot of antiques and collectibles available from many smaller sellers and dealers. The art categories are quite big and they may be a lot of dealer selling going on as they will use this as a platform to exchange items and invest in new products. It’s a great site if you want to sell old item online and make some spare money you never had.

find suppliers onlineAlibaba.com

Alibaba is the single biggest marketplace online and is perfect if you’re search for items to sell online. This website is used primarily with Chinese wholesalers and has many millions of products from thousands of different sellers. One of the best features of this website is the auto quote function. First you need to look at an app like Terapeak to discover what to sell online and then enter your requirements into to auto quote system on Alibaba.

This will send you request out to thousands of different wholesalers and they will start replying within minutes with their offers. You can then compare you quotes and choose the best deal. Once this process is complete and you have done your due diligence then all you need to do is send off for a sample. Do this to ensure that your products arrive and one they do you can start to sell them online through the websites above.

This websites is a great platform to find suppliers, manufacturers and products to sell on eBay and other online marketplaces and auctions. Usually there is a lot of research you will need to do first like using Google trends and keyword spy tools to see if the product and industry you’re going into is a viable one. Sometimes you will try and fail certain products but don’t give up as you will one day come across a product with good margins and no competition.

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