11 Best Q&A Sites to Answer my Question

Sometimes you just have a burning issue and need an answer to an issue you may likely have and that is where Q&A sites can help to answer your questions. Where you’re driven by curiosity, fear, shame or you have an interest in educating yourself then Q&A websites can serve a great purpose of asking other people for their opinions. This can be useful if there is no central authority on the issue that you’re asking about and would like to hear opinions instead.

Asking questions on websites is a bit like safety in numbers. When I want people to answer my question I will take the answer that the majority of people will give me and possibly select the top answer when the person answering my questions has taken the time to write a good response. Well thought out and constructed answers will always get my vote when deciding to choose a best answer.

The person answering my questions might write a double argument to the issue that I’m having listing the pros and cons and then ending with a conclusion. Some people like to answer peoples questions as they like to share their knowledge with the world and participate in a group discussion. Whatever your choices for using these sites they can be a valuable resource to the community.

Below we’ve put together some of the best question and answer websites you can find online along with a rating and description of their services. Most of the Q&A sites cover a variety of subjects from spiritual, maths, sciences, relationships and many technical questions. If you’re look for answers to your maths test then these might not provide an instant answer but you could post it and get an actually response if you need to.

Uk.answers.yahoo.comyahoo answers

Yahoo! Answers is probably the best and one of the oldest and biggest online question and answer websites. The Q&A site has been around since the 80’s and has many millions of answers to questions from many different users. You can ask a question and get an answer to any topic you choose in Politics, IT, Cars, Home & Garden, Education, business and many other categories.

To ask questions online you only need to sign up for an account and post the question you want an answer to. You will find opinions to many controversial questions including current affairs, religion and also people asking many personal questions about mistakes or personal issues they may be facing. The site can be very interesting and fun to use and there is a leaderboard with the best people that have answers to many questions.

Some of the responses you get are quiet stupid and come from people trolling the website so don’t be put of by people hating you. In particular racists and people motivated by hurting your feelings. You can find a lot a racist and homophobic people using the website to make themselves feel better about being pathetic. To earn points using the site you can get 10 points for a best answer, 2 points for answering a question and 3 points for picking a best answer to your question.

answers questions websiteQuora.com

Quora is  one of the best find answers to questions websites online and is popular with many professional people who are dedicated to their field of study. The website discusses many topics including answers to political debate, economics, pertinent moral questions, teaching questions, and answers to questions from many other professions such as scientists, trades people, mechanics, and solicitors.

On the website you can sign up for an account and fill out a profile with your employment and education. You can answer questions to get them up voted and gain followers much like other social networks particularly Reddit. Like many question and answer websites you will find your trolls that are there for a joke and are not serious about helping people but you can answer people questions too and share your professional and personal experiences with them. I wouldn’t categorize Quora as an education website but perhaps just a site where people share their opinion as you can never find any real validity to the answers people give other than their ratings.

Answers.comask questions

Answers is a dedicated website for asking questions and is popular with younger people. You can find many questions and answers in many topics including pet care, shopping, technology and arts and literature. You can also find many help articles on the website posted by staff that cover a wide range of topics.

When you answer questions on the website they can be voted as useful and you can gain confidence and trust points.  There are also different levels of user such as novice and contributor. You can gain followers like other social networks and ask questions and provide answers in communities that are targeted to a specific subject.

When you sign up you can fill out your bio with your profession and earn badges and you continue to get votes and confidence points. The website is popular with some users who have provided hundreds of thousands of contributions and earned many points. Overall the website is fun to use and a great community for learning about subjects from people who know them well.

Mindthebook.combook answers

Mind the Book is a great place to get questions answered by peoples knowledge of books. The questions are like normal question and answer websites but users respond by adding a book that has all the relevant info. You can then buy the book, read it and learn the information that you’re looking for. The website is a great twist to the normal web answers sites and is particularly helpful if you want to buy a book and need users to direct you to the best one to purchase.

The website has no user login so you can’t be 100% sure of the validity of the answers as anybody can just come along and vote which means it could skew the results. Useless you go down to the book shop and look at the introduction for the books surrounding the topic you want to discover you will never really know whether the book is worth buying and you still might not get your answer.

Overall Mind the Book is an interest concept although it hasn’t got the same type of community focus other websites have, but they are in a beta version and might add these functions later as general discussion about books and possibly votes on their usefulness could be helpful to many book lovers.

Ycombinator.comhacker news

Hacker News is where you can ask questions and get answers online and is an old website that is mainly focused around hacking, software development, graphic design and is used by many in the programming professions. There are areas of the website that are much like Digg or Reddit where you can find information on news articles and is an aggregator website where you can comment on the news articles and vote them up.

There are also sections for asking your own questions. Many of them are programming orientated but you can find the odd lost user who hasn’t worked out they’re on a programming Q&A website. The website links to many resources including Github and Stack Overflow and is a great discover tool for new projects and areas of programming that interest you.

You can rank the content by questions comments and even look for jobs in the programming industry. To submit question and get answers you only need to sign up for an account and being posting.

Stackoverflow.comprogramming answers

Stack Overflow is a bit like Hacker News and if you need answers to question then it’s more catered to programming and coding. Stack Overflow is probably the biggest website for programming in the world and whether you work in web development, C+, Java or any other programming languages you can find answers to your programming questions.

This website is great if you get stuck on a project and need some assistance as there are many qualified people waiting to answer your questions. It is particularly popular with WordPress developers who can’t find the expertise on the WordPress forums.

To use the Stack Overflow website you just need to sign up for an account and start to ask questions online. You can also write answers to other peoples questions and can be up voted or down voted depending on your answer. You can build up a score on the website in different areas of programming.


Super User is a website from stack exchange and follows many topics particularly surrounding software questions, Microsoft Windows questions and answers and your odd question about economics and politics. The website also has many questions about Linux, networking, Ubuntu and other questions and answers in the computer sciences, programming and software industries.

Many of the users that use this website are advanced users from Stack Exchange and have a good deal of experience in their fields of study. To join and ask questions online you simply need to sign up and login to the website and starting answering questions. You can gain points by having your answers up voted and if you ask question you can pick out the best answer.

Overall the website is pretty technical if you have networking questions and there are many qualified users waiting to answer your questions. You can join specific communities if you would like answers or have expertise in a specific subject. You can gain reputation points and also scores for the questions you answer.

Stackexchange.comask questions online

Stack Exchange is a community of expert authors that answer many questions on all different topics including math, politics, academia, physics, workplace, skeptics, chemistry, computing and many more subjects. To ask questions online you only need to sign up for an account and begin by posting your question to be answered. If you have expertise in a particular field of study then you can also answer other peoples questions.

Stack Exchange is more popular with mainstream programmers in areas such as Ubuntu, servers, software engineering, code review, database administration, Unix and many other programming languages and problems. In each discipline there are top users for that category and you can gain rank, points and scores as well as amass a following of supporters.

Ask.metafilter.comget answers

Metafilter is one of the oldest websites online and was started during the nineteen-nineties. The website has many different topics with no real focus covering gardening, reading and writing, travel and shopping. The websites is a bit like an informal forum and has been changed a lot since its inception. There is no voting mechanism for getting points or answering the best question to an answer so the site lacks some function and can be quite boring for users that like the community feel of other websites.

Blurtit.comask questions get free answers

Blurtit is a social Q&A community that has a great social theme and community. You can sign up and get questions answered by registering an account and creating a profile. When you have done this you can answer questions about science, technology, health, education, society and philosophy. There are also many other categories including things like relationships and popular culture.

The site has a great theme and when you answer questions online you can get points for the best answer. You can also comment on the answer to ask for further explanations or guidance. Like most social networks you can gain followers and build a fanbase. Overall the site is well built and has a loyal community of people that can help you whatever your issues.

Askjelly.comask a question

Ask Jelly is a question and answer search engine and gives quick and helpful answers for busy people. People using the website ask questions on many topics including hiking, travel and immigration, education, pregnancy, and many more topics of conversation. The website is a refreshing change compared to most of the best question answer websites for its different layout and appealing user interface.

When you sign up you can gain trust points for answering questions and build your own profile with a collection of helpful answers. The website overall is fresh and appealing to those looking for a community questions and answers website where you can compete with others to help people online.

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