10 Best Places to Buy and Sell Websites

Buying and selling websites online is big business and the trend for buying up ecommerce and Adsense websites has grown in recent years due to the increased traffic and revenue that sites can make. If you’re looking for buy a business online then you have a number of options. If you’ve decided to stay out of the offline market and look for a passive income from online websites then you can choose from:

  • Ecommerce websites
  • Affiliate websites
  • Adsense websites
  • CPA websites
  • Drop Shipping Websites
  • FBA Websites

Ecommerce Websites

online salesBuying ecommerce websites would included an online business that stocks and sells products through an ecommerce platform like Magento and other third party platforms like eBay. These websites will rank in search engines and also use Google Adwords online advertising as a means of traffic generation. Buying online retail sites is extremely profitable as they can make the most profit of all the websites online and they can make far more revenue than websites that just display advertising and affiliate links.

Before you buy an ecommerce website you will need to know how to sell online and be up to date on how to use the back end of shopping carts, order processing, stock control, purchases and customer service. If you hire people then you will need to know payroll and you will also need to learn book keeping and accounting to file your returns. Running an online business can be very rewarding and you will need slightly more knowledge and skill to run an ecommerce website but it’s definitely worth learning how to do it.

amazon affiliateAffiliate Websites

Affiliate sites are also very popular and can be quite hard to run. People who have been buying websites for a long time and know how to promote affiliate links will be working in this industry. Affiliate websites can include writing online product reviews and including links to products from the Amazon affiliate program. The work can be quite challenging as there is a lot of writing and product research but it the long term it can be rewarding as you build your website into an authority.

There are also many other types of affiliate websites for sale including shopping comparison websites and coupon websites. Shopping comparison websites are big business and work in an extremely competitive industry. Many of the top sites like Go Compare, Compare The Market, and Money Supermarket will make many hundreds of millions in revenue. These sites will cost a lot of money to buy and need a high upfront investment to get them started and huge advertising bills to get them newly branded.

You will be able to find some coupon websites for sale however, they don’t come up that often. Coupon websites are easier to start and there are many apps and coupon feeds like FMTC and Coupilia that you can use and integrate into your website. If you’re thinking of buying a coupon site then it might be sold with employees that update the website and databases rather than using a feed or it will rely on it’s users to add the latest coupons and report the broken ones as not working.

google adsenseAdsense Websites

Adsense has been an extremely popular way to make money using websites and has been one of the top revenue sources for sites thanks to Google’s Adwords program which lets advertisers sign up and advertise their business through Google. You can then put those advertisements on your website and earn a small amount for every customer that clicks you ad and in sent to the advertiser. Adsense pays on a cost per click model (CPC) which pays a percentage of revenue everytime a person clicks your advertisements on your website.

To sign up for Adsense you need a high quality website filled with great content. It’s better to have a website that is slightly catered towards commercial products and services as this can help to get clicks and improve conversions however, don’t just create websites to make money. Create useful and helpful content that will stand the test of time and compete in the search engines for years to come. Most of the publishers that do well with Adsense are people that write about a passion and then discover they can earn revenue from all their effort sharing their knowledge.

If you’re looking to buy Adsense sites then you’re in luck as there are no shortage of sites for sale. Just about every platform that sells sites will have Adsense websites for sale as they are the most popular way to earn money online with websites. The great thing about buying Adsense sites is they come in different sizes and earn different amounts so you can always find something to suit your budget. Some Adsense sites for sale can be considered serious business’ but with search engine algorithms going up and down all the time I would only consider them a part time job or a hobbie job than a serious tangible business because your revenue is dependent on search engine algorithms and social media traffic.

cpa marketingCPA Websites

CPA stands for Cost Per Action and there are many CPA websites for sale online in many of the marketplaces that sell websites. When a visitor lands on your website and sees your CPA offer like a product ad and clicks through and purchases those items  you will then be paid a commission between 1% and 25%. If you know how to promote CPA websites they can be very profitable and make a lot of money either through promoting them on social networks, organic search results or paid online advertising.

CPA sites for sale will include offers selling skincare products, online TV, Bingo, short term loans, ringtones and many other offers. There are many CPA networks to choose from. Here are a few of the best CPA networks: Max Bounty, CPA Lead, Neverblue, Commission Junction, Ascend Media, Peerfly and Matomy. You will generally need a little more experience to manage and create a CPA website so if you’re considering buying one then make sure to learn how to run one correctly or you could end up losing your investment.

drop shipping websites for saleDrop Shipping Websites

Drop shipping websites work just like ecommerce websites however you will not stock any products yourself. You will own the drop shipping website and manage the day to day activities including; marketing the website, customer service, telephone support, hosting, web design and development, placing orders with suppliers and possibly dealing with some returns.

Drop shipping sites will take orders from customer at a certain price and then buy that product elsewhere for less, either from the manufacturer or a wholesaler and then get that product shipped directly to the customer. That way the drop shipper doesn’t handle the stock and doesn’t have the same overheads as most ecommerce business’ however, the costs of buying their products might be a bit more expensive compared to wholesale supplier.

There are many drop shipping business for sale and they can be tricky sites to start so they are quite valuable. The profits can be tighter than a normal online business so there is more risk in areas like advertising and marketing. There are also risks when it comes to returns and you need to make enough profit to handle returns so a low defect rate is preferable. You also need a good relationship with your suppliers as your reputation will depend on their reliability to deliver your customers products on time.

buy fba websitesAmazon FBA Websites

Amazon FBA websites work a bit like drop shipping and ecommerce websites but you will use the Amazon fulfillment service to hold your stock. So this really is a mix between a drop ship website and an ecommerce website. It will still require a larger upfront investment to buy your stock but instead of stocking it, you will have it sent straight to Amazon.

When you make sale through your website you will transfer the order to Amazon and they will ship it out to your customer. Drop shipping business’ on the other hand will purchase item by item from their suppliers. There are many Amazon FBA websites for sale and buying them has it’s advantages as Amazon’s fulfillment and stocking and shipping fees are very reasonable and it puts a multi million pound fulfillment centre at your finger tips which can make it easy to grow and expand your business.

If you want to buy an FBA website then you’re going to need more capital as you will need to buy the stock from the owner that’s sitting in Amazon’s warehouse. These websites are generally easy to run and are extremely profitable as you have no costly overheads like leasing your own warehouse and paying all the expensive rates and bills.

So there are your options that you can research and find the best one that suits your needs and experience. If you’re looking to buy and sell websites then we have put together a top list of websites to sell or buy your website online. These include dedicated marketplaces for selling affiliate websites or other generalized sites and forums where you can buy any website in any niche and any revenue type.

Flippa.combuy websites

Flippa is probably the one of the best places to sell websites online. There are also many websites to buy from Adsense, affiliate sites and also starter websites that have no revenue and can be built into authority websites. You can buy and sell apps, websites and domains. If you’re a domain seller and would like to sell or buy premium domains then there are plenty to choose from.

You can also sell and buy Android Apps using there app marketplace. There are many apps for sale including fitness apps, game apps, wallpaper apps, weather apps and also many iOS apps for sale. If you want to buy websites and apps all you have to do is place your bids or buy it now and there are no further costs to pay.

If you want to sell your website then you will need to pay listing and selling fees to Flippa. This is as much as $29 per listing or you can create a classified ads listing to sell your site from $9. When your website is sold you will have to pay a 15% success fee unless you use the Flippa escrow service then they will refund 12% of the fee.

You need to be careful when using Flippa and complete your due diligence properly as there are many scammers using the website. Most people selling websites will inflate their website metrics just before the sale to make it look as though the site is more popular than it is. You need to properly check the backlinks, revenue accounts, Alexa rank, analytics and traffic sources and any other metric that could have been fiddled prior to the sale. If a website has a large amount of private blog network (PBN) or other spam links then I would steer well clear as the organic rankings could drop straight after the sale.

Empireflippers.comwebsite brokers

If I was looking to sell my website then I would definitely considering giving Empire Flippers a good look. You can find many websites on the platform including Adsense sites for sale and amazon FBA sites for sale. There are also Amazon associate sites for sale that use affiliate links. Most of the websites on Empire Flippers have a good net monthly profit so will will need a good budget to buy websites from this marketplace as they are priced well and some of the sites are listed above $1.5 million.

You can find many websites including sports, technology, clothing, health & fitness, home furnishings, travel, beauty and finance sites for sale. The list is endless and there are some really good quality websites available. You can also sell your website on Empire Flippers and get a free valuation before you decide to list it. The great thing about Empire Flippers is there is only one fee and it’s a set price unlike other marketplaces that might charge you a percentage of the sale. If you’re selling websites that are big in terms of traffic and revenue then this could amount to thousands in fees. Overall Empire Flippers is a great place to buy and sell websites and has probably the most higher quality sites available online.

eBay.comonline marketplace

eBay is one the the largest retail marketplaces and ecommerce websites in the world with millions of monthly active users. There is a category specifically for buying and selling websites in many niches including, online arcade websites, self improvement, established business websites, car parts, swimwear and lingerie websites, gyming websites and many other sites for sale. You can also find domains for sale and you can buy many premium and high quality domains.

One thing about buying websites on eBay is that most of them are starter sites and are not great quality. If sellers try and sell you a website and say that it’s established, it probably isn’t so be sure to do your due diligence before you buy sites including checking backlinks, traffic sources and any revenue that’s being claimed. Occasionally you can find high quality website scripts and drop shipping sites for sale that have been online for a while.

Overall eBay is a good marketplace to buy websites and there is plenty to look at but you will have to up the price in the sidebar to get rid of the poor quality sites. Then you can start finding profitable sites that make money and start bidding or buy them out.

Businessesforsale.comUK business for sale

Businesses For Sale is one of the largest and best websites to buy websites and business. As mentioned earlier in our post Business’ For Sale claims to be the worlds largest marketplace for buying and selling business’ and has over 60k business’ for sale. You can find a section dedicated to selling websites, car sites for sale, baby and mum websites, web design sites for sale, niche dating sites for sale, auction websites for sale and many ecommerce websites like jewelry websites, home security and wedding websites for sale.

There are thousands of sites for sale and some of them look promising however there are a few that look faked and the sellers will say they are established but they’re not. You have to be careful when buying websites online particularity if you’re new to buying sites and you can be pulled in quite easily by the claimed performance of the site when in fact it’s a complete lemon with no traffic of revenue.

Overall there are plenty of great opportunities to buy websites on this marketplace and many different opportunities from ecommerce to content websites that display advertising. Just be careful to check the website over fully before you buy and be sure that it’s a long term and strong business idea worth putting in the investment and time.

Quietlightbrokerage.comwebsites for sale

Quiet Light Brokerage is a high quality marketplace that sells websites and has over 600 sales and has raised over $100K since it opened. Most of the websites for sale through this website broker are high value and make revenue in the tens of thousands of pounds per month. There are many helpful articles on Quiet Light to help your purchasing decisions when buying websites such as, FBA buying guides, how to use escrow when buying websites, how to sell an ecommerce business and how to calculate a websites value.

There are only around 10 – 20 websites for sale at any one point so this website isn’t the biggest marketplace on buying websites. When you click the listings you’ll find info on the asking price revenue and description but they don’t give any analytical data so be sure to ask plenty of questions before you buy these websites. I would say from the outlook that the sites for sale on this brokers website are high quality and overall better than the sites on Flippa as they have good earnings and traffic and are well established sites for sale.

Aquasites.combuy and sell websites

Aqusites is a small website broker and has got a few established, Adsense and turnkey websites for sale. you can find some travel blogs for sale as well as design and photo blogs and job recruitment sites for sale. There isn’t a great deal of choice in websites with this broker and their Adsense sites are made for you and not established so if you’re looking to buy sites with revenue then this site will not provide this.

Of the sites available they have mixed revenue details but generally are earning between, $500 and $100k and the sites are also listed elsewhere for sale so you might be better of checking on Flippa to see if you can get a better price. Overall I would say that Aquasites is OK but has limited number of websites for sale and could do with promoting to get more sellers and buyers using the website.


buy sell websiteBuy Sell Website has a number of services including established websites for sale, appraisals, and a service to sell websites online. There really is a limited selection of sites for sale on this website and was hardly worth the mention but there is something to look at so I thought I would review it however, don’t expect a great deal from this website.

There are a few websites for sale here including mum and dad websites, parenting websites and pet shop business for sale. Most of the sites here have some revenue and are profitable but make sure to check the sites fully for earnings, traffic sources including any accounts if the business keeps books. You can sell your website for a small sum of money and the owners of the marketplace claim to be the best place to sell a site online but they’re clearly not. Whether or not it’s worth selling your website here I will leave that down to you.

Feinternational.combuy a website

FE International is an online website brokerage that deals with the sale of apps, websites and domains. One the homepage you can also find many other types of business for sale including advertising companies, communications companies and software companies. You can also find many other websites including social media websites for sale, Amazon FBA companies for sale, and drop ship companies for sale. You can also buy domains for cheap and get them quickly transfered to your accounts.

There seems to be many more types of business that are tangible and make a good profit selling tangible goods to their users instead of just relying on search algorithms to earn an income. There are a good number of ecommerce websites for sale in many niches including, clothing, travel, sports and furniture. You can also find a good range of Amazon affiliate websites in niches such as beauty and power tools.

Overall, I would say this company had some decent websites for sale that are the top end of the market and worth considering if you are a serious investor. There are plenty of established sites for sale with decent revenue with strong and stable earnings.

Daltonsbusiness.comwebsites for sale

Dalton business is a small business broker that mainly deals with offline business’ in the services and retail sector. They also have a section on their website for online business for sale in many different areas including dropshipping, ecommerce and publisher websites. You can find many sites for sale in different industries including web design, social marketing, themed gifts, fitness websites, social networks for sale and many other retail websites for sale.

Many of the sites are high quality and are better than most of the smaller websites in other platforms like Flippa however you will still have to do your due diligence on this online business to check out their revenue and traffic sources. Many of the online businesses for sale have a decent amount of revenue and look profitable but don’t be scared to haggle over the price as many of these websites look over priced.

Azwebsitesforsale.comonline business for sale

AZ Websites for Sale is a great place to buy and sell websites online. You can sign up to sell websites in any categories including, healthcare, children and toys, insurance websites for sale, travel and holiday, technology blogs, digital downloads and many more blogs, ecommerce websites and Adsense websites for sale. Most of the websites look new and are not established, although they show some traffic they have little revenue and the asking prices are a bit high.

I would definitely do your research before you buy websites from this broker as they just look like starter websites. You can also buy and sell domains on AZ Websites for Sale and you can buy premium domains for reasonable prices. I would just make sure that you’ve done research before you buy a new domain or website and make sure it’s a viable business idea and something you want to do in the long term.

domain auctionsAuctions.godaddy.com

You can’t buy any websites at Godaddy but you can buy some excellent domain names and is why we thought it was worth a mention. If you’ve been looking to purchase a website and can’t find anything that suits you needs then you can go for a domain and start your own website. You can find premium domains for sale as well as quality expired domains if you’re using them for other purposes.

All you need to do is sign up for an account and purchase a years membership. Once you have this you can begin bidding on domains that have expired. These domains can be great as they already have some backlinks and history and are indexed in Google. Once you buy a web address you can then set up your own blog and begin building your own website. That way you won’t have huge upfront costs buying websites and you can start small and build up and possibly one day sell your own website online and make a profit.

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